Residential Projects

Custom Closet Doors

Custom Closet Doors,                  Mayhew-Lomo Residence

We have done a wide variety of single- and multi-family residential projects over the years, including custom homes, additions and interior renovations.

Some of our projects:

  • Riahi Residence (custom home)
  • Mayhew-Lomo Residence (addition and renovation)
  • 2435 South Newton Street (architect’s residence and office)
  • Bell Tower Lofts (creation of eight custom lofts within 1890’s church and classroom structure)
  • Archer Residence (renovation and 2nd floor addition)
  • Kelly-Young Residence (renovation and 2nd floor addition)
  • Wirth Residence (several interior renovations)
  • Montgomery Court Apartments (renovations to 100 year old structure)
  • Howe Residence (custom home)


  • Lee & Shari Archer:  303.221.3232
  • Mrs. Fritzi Riahi:  303.688.8167
  • Sandy Weeks, Blue Spruce Construction:  303.652.1150
  • Seppo Odell, InSite Builders:  303.319.1107
  • Ken McKinney, Euro Construction:  303.434.4423